Ways to Remember

Individual upright memorials in granite or stone
Plaques with individual vases in the north-facing, memorial wall
Family vaults of any size and style on the top terraces
Tree plots with plaques or an upright memorial
Plots and plaques on the grassy terraces
Plaques of record on the stately, black granite Book of Remembrance
A key feature of Hope Gardens of Remembrance is the glistening waterway which begins as a fountain on the upper terraces, tumbles through weirs and past the gardens, glides under the stand-alone Memorial Room and finally arrives at the main building, courtyard and chapel. With a range of gardens and land formations making up the rest of the site, Hope Gardens of Remembrance is a place of unique natural beauty, tranquillity and peace.

The ability to offer more choice to families is what inspired the planning and creation of Hope Gardens of Remembrance & Crematorium from the outset. In life we have preferences and choices and the same is now true when it comes to selecting a place of rest. Aside from the magnificent waterway that flows through the site, additional formations include grassy green sunlit terraces, woodland areas and gardens of wide variety and style. All parts of the garden are sheltered and relaxing, with a natural rural outlook, a backdrop of foothills and only birdsong to be heard on the breeze.

Future developments will include a labyrinth of memorial walls and fountains, memorial bridges, columbarium and pergola pathways.

Urns, Plaques and upright memorials

Hope Gardens of Remembrance & Crematorium offers a wide range of quality urns in ceramic, metals, native timbers and granite. We also partner with local stonemasons G. Miller and Sons to allow families to select personalised memorial stones, statues and plaques that meet their wishes in personal taste and style. Please contact us for more information or to view our selection of urns, plaques, statues and upright memorials.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular wishes and plans.