Our Facilities

The Main Building

Our award-winning main building is a multi-roofed complex featuring a chapel, gathering spaces, offices and a memorial book room. The water which flows beneath each part of the building is a feature in itself and signifies the flow of life, death and continuance. The relationship between the landscape and buildings is altogether one of mutual tranquillity, light open spaces and an aesthetic harmony.

The Chapel

The clean lines of the building, and the wide use of natural timber continues through the main doors and foyer, and on into the chapel with its generous ceiling height, sparkling stained-glass windows and neutral, natural tones. The stained glass was designed by local artist Jackie Donald while the etching of picture window is another design from Robin Slow. As a modern facility, the chapel discretely incorporates the latest audio visual technology and web streaming capability. Seating within the chapel comfortably accommodates up to 25 with standing room for many more, easily extending into the sunny foyer and out to the courtyard beyond.

The Walkway

The entrance to the main building is supported by four magnificent carved poles, designed by Golden Bay Artist Robin Slow, and featuring native tui and harakeke (flax). The four poles represent Ngā hau e wha or the four winds, signifying that this is a place where all people may come together, regardless of cultural affiliation, nationality or faith. In Māori folklore, the harakeke or flax represent the passing generations. The outer leaves being ngā tupuna (the ancestors); the inner leaves - ngā mātua (the parents); and the innermost leaf is te rito or te pepe (the baby). Thus, when harvesting flax, only the tupuna should be cut, leaving the mātua in place to protect the pepe. These poles, placed as they are – leading to the door, delineate the land of the living on the outside as being distinct from the nature and purpose of the chapel within. A stepping off point that recognises separation as a part of life.

The Memorial Wall and Courtyard

The Memorial Wall offers a temporary memorial position for families and friends to visit before the permanent resting place is selected or made ready.

The Memorial Room

Detached from the main building, the Memorial Room sits within the garden and looks towards the hills. All those who rest here have their name entered in hand crafted calligraphy in the magnificent Memorial Book which sits within the room. With the river flowing slowing beneath the floor, The Memorial Room offers a place of peace and quiet contemplation.

Be Assured

With more than 80 years of funeral directing experience in the Nelson-Tasman region, We will ensure the funeral you're planning runs as easily as possible.